Check out what arrived yesterday!!

WOW, 500lbs of ‪#‎BeyondPetFood‬ to feed our low-riders from last beach day’s campaign!! I can’t even express how thankful we are for this great quality, natural food!! This stuff is free of soy, wheat, and corn…you know what that means? No BS fillers and buhbye food allergies! Just natural ingredients your dog is going to appreciate, gotta love that! 


All of this was generously donated by Beyond Natural Pet Food thanks to your guys’ participation at the last‪#‎SoCalCorgiBeachDay‬! By simply tagging your photos with the designated hashtags, Beyond donated 1lb per photo, with a goal of 500lbs. Thank you to each and every one of you for helping us reach the goal! Our dogs thank you!! We’ll see you guys at the next ‪#‎CorgiBeachDay‬ on Oct. 24!!

If you’d like to contribute towards the care of our dogs, donate by PayPal to
All donations are tax deductible. 

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Summer Corgi Beach Day with QBSDR

July 25th, 2015. Another record breaking Corgi Beach Day that will go in the history books! This Beach Day I was fortunate enough to attend alongside Susan Luong (founder) and the QBSDR volunteers, AKA Team Stumpy Squad! We even had some of our stumpy counterparts in attendance as well, which ultimately ended up contributing to a corgi-count of over 800! What is that…like 3,200 some-odd stumpy legs zipping around Rosie’s Dog Beach?


QBSDR graciously accepted the invitation of Dan and Kelly McLemore, once again, to be the sponsored rescue of Corgi Beach Day. Dan and Kelly, founders of So Cal Corgi Nation, have created an incredible event that has gained the attention of people nation-wide, including media outlets such as The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and Cesar Millan’s son, Andre. Who wouldn’t want to come and play with 800 corgis for four hours on a beautiful day in Southern California? With a schedule of events that included a costume contest, corgi limbo, and best “momo” contest, you really cannot blame the media for wanting to join the fun.

The widespread re-corg-nition (see what I did there) that QBSDR has gained from attending a So Cal Corgi Beach Day has been phenomenal. This summer we couldn’t have been more humbled by the outpouring of support that Dan and Kelly rallied for QBSDR, as well as generous proceed donations from purchases made at the event. As if it couldn’t get any better, Purina Beyond Pet Food was also in attendance with a special campaign involving QBSDR. For every photo uploaded to social media with specific Beach Day related hashtags, Purina donated a pound of dog food, up to 500lbs. With over 800 corgis in attendance we struck the dog food jackpot!

To top it all off, we were graced by the presence of the Famous Corgis of Instagram. With them, their human counterparts came along with a Kissing Booth. Fans waited in line to snag a smooch from one of their favorite insta-corgs. All proceeds of the booth were donated directly to QBSDR and we couldn’t have been more grateful. Low-riders helping low-riders; now that’s paw-some!

Meanwhile, back at the tent, QBSDR was in full swing interacting with the Corgi Beach Day attendants, answering their questions and handing out informational flyers. Next door we had a meet-and-greet tent set up for people to visit with our adoptable dogs. We had a full crew of foster parents, volunteers, and alumni as well. Throughout the day, there were many GREAT questions brought to our tent. One fact that people were surprised to learn is that QBSDR is actually a very small organization. From looking at all the hard work and achievements going on within the rescue, people might think that we operate on a large scale. The reality is that QBSDR is run by a core group of people, led by one incredible woman, volunteering their homes and their spare time to help low-riders in need. As a foster based rescue, there is no “home base” facility to house our dogs. Every dog rescued by QBSDR is evaluated and placed with a specially selected individual, or family, based on their specific needs. There are no dog walkers or kennel attendants; there is no front lobby or secretary. All of the work you see is done within private homes of people who have a deep passion for what this rescue is all about. Our volunteers get to assist with events, like Corgi Beach Day, as well as home checks and other special projects. While we might not have a huge crew, we do have a lot of supporters and that is certainly something to get excited about!


Being the Public Relations Coordinator (that’s me in the middle), I have had the opportunity to work closely with QBSDR’s founder, Susan. Susan is JUST like a corgi…small on the outside, but mighty on the inside. Many of the questions asked of us could be summed up by Susan’s own words about the rescue:

“Beach day is a great time to meet others who love the breed and dogs as much as we do. Our dogs get great exposure to the public, and we get the opportunity for people to learn about the work of QBSDR. Every breed comes with their own challenges and special needs but QBSDR focuses specifically on the special needs corgis. There are many misconceptions about the breed and people often get in over their heads and don’t not know where to turn, resulting in abandonment. This is where QBSDR comes into play.   “Saving low-riders one bark at a time” means that every dog matters on an individual and personal level; QBSDR is extremely one-on-one in order to rehabilitate and give these dogs the absolute best chance at a loving and happy life. The goal is to work towards a facility. If people support the cause they can help us down that path with their continued contribution. Our biggest hurdle is consistency in support. Down the road we hope to implement some merchandise and events that will also build funds, but we cannot do what we do without dedicated supporters presently and also in the future.”

By the end of the day we were sandy, sun-kissed, and full of hope for the low-riders of QBSDR. All I kept thinking was, “what a day”. It is hard to put into words what it feels like to see so many people showing their support; beautiful, humbling, inspiring. Susan, myself, and all the Stumpy Squad wish to thank Dan and Kelly Mclemore of So Cal Corgi Nation, Beyond Pet Food, the Famous Corgis of Instagram, and lastly our supporters.

We are few, with the support of MANY! The vision is clear and the journey continues…corgi on, corgi strong.

We would love to see you at the next So Cal Corgi Beach Day on October 24th at Huntington Dog Beach. Check out all the events and come say hello at the QBSDR tent; meet the crew, meet the dogs, and have a blast! We look forward to seeing you there and we thank you for your support!

by Dana Rampi-Cruz