Comet (Available for Adoption!)


Comet is an incredibly unique looking Pembroke Welsh Corgi, that's a freaking awesome dog. You might be thinking "I've never seen that colored corgi before!" but don't be fooled by this "rare" or "special" coat color that is not a standard PWC coat. Being a black and white merle Pembroke along with all the health issues he already has at just 4.5yrs, is a clear indicator that Comet was a very irresponsibly bred corgi. 

Comet has seborrheic dermatitis, hip dysplasia, spondylosis of the spine, and severe allergies. The seborrheic dermatitis causes excessively oily skin, and for his prior owners, became too much to handle. Comet came to us with full body yeast infections, resulting in an inflamed, crusty, patchy, very painful body that takes months to clear. The excessive chewing of his skin led to attrition of the teeth, which have worn the enamel down to the gums. Upon intake at 3.5yrs, Comet already had hip dysplasia and spondylosis of the spine, a degenerative condition that will continue to worsen as he ages. He has bone spurs growing from multiple vertebrae that have begun fusing together. This is a condition that's more common in seniors, not young dogs. At the current state of his spine, this is something that started at a very young age. 

Comet takes antiinflammatories and pain medication as needed, is on daily glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM, golden paste, tart cherry, and CBD oil. He gets monthly Cytopoint allergy injections during the spring and summer months and should be in a single level home that is medium/low energy that will be mindful of his current state and accepting of all future health issues he is susceptible to. We recommend follow up X-rays every 6months for the remainder of his life to monitor his spine and internal cavities for growths. This is a heavy mental, emotional, and financial undertaking, but he's worth every penny and effort. Comet didn't ask for any of these things to happen to him, he didn't breed himself - he's just accepted, dealt, and continued on, aware of his limitations, and showing his gratitude and appreciation through his soulful eyes and gentle kisses. 

Comet is a very sweet and affectionate corgi once you get to know him. He loves a comfy bed, enjoys squeaky toys and a warm snuggle. His favorite past time is tracking and herding flies, taking leisurely strolls, and lounging around with his senior brofurs. Comet is good with dogs, good with respectful children, and unknown with cats.

For more information about Comet, email or submit an application for review.