Ginger is a petite low-rider, weighing just 22lbs. She's incredibly playful and energetic for a senior girl, enjoying a good frap and chase around with toys. Ginger has a very assertive, bossy-girl personality. She loves walks and short hikes and would make a great travel buddy. She rides well in a car which is great since her favorite thing is velcro-ing her person. She wants to be with the person she's bonded to. Ginger loves passing her time by gnawing on a chew, rolling around with the wiggles, and snuggling. She's potty trained, crate trained, knows basic commands, and gets along with dogs with proper introductions.

Ginger requires structure and rules. She is eager to please, making her a fast learner. Without supervision, she will go after any dog that shows vulnerability by exposing its belly or squealing. Ginger has come a long way and is ready for a home to call her own. In her previous life, GingerSnap was spoiled, she always got her way, which led to dominant behavioral issues. She thought she ruled the household and fought anyone who thought otherwise.

Ginger is petite and affectionate, with a spitfire personality. She must go to someone qualified to handle her and will commit to continuing her training to help her reach her fullest potential.

She is potty trained, crate trained, knows her basic commands, gets along with dogs provided she has proper structure, and does not get along with cats. Ginger loves to play with toys, loves to cuddle, and is very food motivated.

She had previously been with two families, both returned her because of her issues. Since being surrendered to QBSDR, she's been going through training. Are you the right home for GingerSnap? Submit an application today!