Hayley is a 7yr old Pembroke. She's a petite low-rider, weighing just 22lbs. She's had a bit of a bumpy road, so giving her stability is first up on the agenda. Her original owners kept her outdoors, without any form of shelter. They claimed to have never bred her, but her body tells otherwise. She wasn't up to date on shots, had no microchip, wasn't spayed, and had numerous mammary tumors...it's likely she was used as a backyard breeding dog. A caring individual privately adopted her from the original owners and brought her home. 

Sadly, after taking her to the vet and being informed she may have cancer, Hayley's adopter decided to surrender her to QBSDR. 

We had diagnostics run at VHC-a blood panel, xrays, and exam by Dr. Odama. Her panel came back normal and X-rays showed mild dysplasia in both hips. Hayley underwent surgery to remove all the mammary tumors, the lump on her hip, and was spayed. Her lumps and bumps were sent out for histopathology and on Christmas Eve, we got the best news-the tumors were benign! Hayley has a lot of anxiety. She constantly paces and circles, and has severe separation anxiety which results in a lot of barking. She's working on her socialization, basic obedience, and reactiveness on leash. She's a very high energy girl, incredibly playful, and great with kids. She gets along with most dogs but will challenge a female if given the opportunity. More updates on Hayley to come!