Panda Bear (Available for Adoption!)


Panda Bear is the last of the #SanDiego5 that's still looking for a furever home. A little over a year ago today, Panda and her four siblings were rescued from a horrific backyard breeder puppy mill. Everyone else was fairly healthy, except for Panda. She was skin and bones, had no access to food or water, and had deeply infected open wounds that required amputation to save her life. She fought, survived, and now thrives.

Panda is a happy girl, but a continued work-in-progress. She has very high needs and requires a home that will be patient and understanding of these needs. Panda is a double amputee and is unable to potty on her own, which requires manual expression for #1 and #2. She wears diapers to protect her bottom and prolapsed vulva from chafing on the ground and gathering debris. In excited situations, accidents will happen. Panda gets around by scooting in her drag bag or in her wheels, although she prefers to scoot. Panda needs someone who will continue her socialization and exposure to the outside world. She is good with most dogs and can be very assertive. Panda loves to play with toys, loves to fetch, lay around, and cuddle. She's an energetic, affectionate, and curious girl who also gets anxious. Her anxiety can lead to anxiety tummy, which leads to soft poop, so it's always a good idea to have pumpkin and on hand.

Panda would be good with older, respectful children, and is unknown with cats. Although she requires a lot of help to get through life, she's incredibly thankful and shows her gratitude by loving and trusting again.

To learn more about Panda, email or submit an application for review.