Rotti is an almost 5yr old low-rider with IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) that’s so smooth, he’ll glide right by you – but not before you squeal, stop, and drop to give him some loving! He’s an active guy that loves going on walks, hikes, car rides, or just lounging about. He loves to be with his people, always included as a member of the family. Snacking on some healthy fruit? You’ll see this guy creep up right next to you. After all, food is his favorite thing, next to cuddling. As you can see, Rotti is a special needs low-rider with a cart. The cart has been acting as a physical therapy aid, keeping his back stabilized and supporting his back end, so he can continue to use his legs. Rotti won’t give up! Try telling him he’s different and he’ll bark in your face, telling you otherwise.

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