Winston (Available for Adoption!)


Sir Winston was pulled from the Downey Shelter and is 8 years old. This guy has Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) and needs to lose some additional weight. HIs foster family has been doing a great job of keeping him active to avoid atrophy in his muscles, but Winston’s condition will progress and he’ll eventually lose the use of his back legs. When he does, a wheelchair should be waiting for him so he can continue his adventures!

Having DM, it’s important Winston stay active and be treated like a normal dog - cuz he is a normal dog! Too often when a dog is diagnosed with a condition or develops a physical disability, people begin to feel sorry for them (or have a pity party themselves!), but that helps no one. If you watch closely the dogs don’t feel sorry for themselves. They persevere, enjoy life, and keep moving forward. 

Overall, Winston is a sweet heart. He has an amazing temperament and is great with kids. He is unknown with cats, but would likely be okay with them. Are you looking for a loving special needs pupper? If so, consider submitting an application for Winston today!