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We believe that all dogs are a lifetime commitment and members of the family and strive to find homes that share this same core belief.  Every dog is unique in its physical needs and personality. Our goal is to match families with dogs that best suit each other’s needs.


Current Adoptables - 4.8.17

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Miss Ginger, our 14yrs young love-bug is wishing with all her might for a furever family! Ginger is looking for a furever home where she can retire as a companion dog with an individual, a couple, or a family with respectful children. She loves a comfy bed and snuggling up into a lap. Ginger came to us after being jailbroken from the shelter, where she was surrendered by her family. She's a medium energy girl with a lot of spunk and personality. She's your typical corgi that likes to herd anything that runs, kids included. Ginger has an eye condition called Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS) aKa, chronic dry eye, which requires daily cleanings and lubricating eye drops. She also has mild incontinence which is easily managed with doggy diapers and medication. Being a senior, her joints should be kept healthy with daily glucosamine/chondroitin supplements and Golden Paste.

Ginger's a petite girl, but don't let her size fool you, she's full of sass! It's important to keep her at a healthy weight for her frame, so stress isn't added to her joints. Ginger gets along with dogs with the right introduction, is unknown with cats, and good with children. She's an affectionate girl that prefers to be by your feet or napping on the nearest bed. Ginger would be a great dog for all levels of dog ownership. She walks well on leash, is crate trained, and potty trained. Will you open your heart and share your love with a deserving senior? Submit an application for review! 

**All #QBSDR dogs are up to date on vaccinations, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and require application, interview, homecheck, meet n greet, and an adoption contract.



CJ is a very sweet and cuddly senior chihuahua that’s approximately 12years old. He has CHF (congestive heart failure) which is maintained with medications. He is currently on Lasix, Benazepril, and Pimobendan.

He has been in foster care for nearly two years now, waiting for a loving, compassionate home to come along and love him despite his age or CHF. Are you that home? Its been said time and time again by those who have met this sweet old man, that he is unlike any chihuahua they’ve met.

CJ is incredibly mellow and is a low maintenance/low energy dog. His favorite thing to do is cuddle in your lap or on the nearest dog bed. CJ is completely house broken and gets along with dogs and cats.

He would make the perfect companion for anyone working from home, or an older, retired individual. If you’ve ever been interested in giving a senior a second chance at life, this is your boy! CJ can be met by appointment only.

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Foxxy is a 9.5yrs young shiba inu/corgi mix that has a sweet spirit. Foxxy was originally picked up by animal control after she was left in an abandoned home after her family moved away. She was discarded and spent the next six years, waiting for someone to fall in love with her. She was finally adopted, but returned a year later for aggression towards the other dog and snippy behavior. As we got to know her, she started out skittish, eventually coming out of her shell.  She revealed a playful side that enjoys slow strolls, likes to snuggle, loves a comfy bed, herds other dogs, and is obsessed with lights and reflections. She will cry with excitement when she sees a light reflection or flashlight beam. Her snippiness with the other dog was likely in defense from pain. X-rays showed Foxxy has spondylosis in her L7-S1 vertebrae, with a large, protruding bone spurs that cause stiffness and discomfort when roughly handled. She has advanced degenerative joint disease of the hips with calcinosis in the sockets and should be on glucosamine/chondroitin supplements, Golden Paste, and Tramadol for the rest of her life. Foxxy has a history of dermatitis (skin allergies) and chronic ear infections, which need to be monitored. She does well with gentle handling and enjoys curling up into a warm lap. Foxxy would be best in a low/medium energy home to retire in, preferably with no small children. Foxxy gets along with other dogs but would be happiest as an only dog. She is unknown with cats and would love a furever home that will be mindful of her needs.


Poppy is a 7yr old Pembroke Welsh Corgi that was saved from a backyard breeding puppy mill.  She lived her entire life in a puppy mill box, in squalid conditions, pumping out puppies for profit. She has since been cleaned up, spayed, microchipped, and brought up to date on vaccinations. Poppy is a petite girl that’s very affectionate with people; she’s making up for lost time! Due to her lack of exposure to the outside world, she can get anxious and be uncertain of her environment so she’s working on building her confidence and getting through separation anxiety issues. She’s also working on manners inside a home, not being a door dashing, and leash manners.  She will need to be with someone who can commit to continuing her socialization and help her be the best dog she can be.